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Tim Sweeney's radio show and other mixes

Part two of the latest episode of Timmy's Beats In Space with Honey Soundsystem is damn good. Haven't listened to Adam Port's mix in part one yet because I went straight for the honey and then kept coming back for more.

And if you haven't heard this BIS mix of theirs from 2009 or haven't heard it in awhile, check that out too:


  • Powder's mix was pretty dope. It's got all sorts of pops and tics and all around goodness. As I was trying to think of how to describe it just now, she started speaking, and I remembered this sweet duo of Japanese women named Cibo Matto. It's some good trip hop-ish stuff from the last 90's scene over in New York.

    Powder's Mix

    Cibo Matto - White Pepper Ice Cream

  • Damn, just looked up Cibo Matto again and it looks like they have gotten back together in 2011. Their new stuff is pretty neat too. It's got that kinda minimal, crazy, foreign, erotic they are known for

  • edited October 2017

    Also, this is an awesome find. Does anyone know what show this is from?

  • Apparently the show was called 'Viva Variety' and originally aired on MTV.

    Fuck, that seems like it has to be wrong. Unimaginable finding anyone of Tom Lennon's or Cibo Matto's caliber on MTV today, much less on the same program.

  • Speaking of Honey Soundsystem, Ash Lauryn's "Black Girls Like Techno Too" mix for Honey's podcast from back in August is pretty good too.

  • That Ash Lauryn mix is pretty sweet. Haven't heard of her before. Also, what do they even do on MTV these days? I coulda sworn I heard they were showing music videos again or something like that

  • I heard Music Television just airs spoken word on a black screen 24/7.

  • MTV should just air a loop of the Max Headroom incident all day and night. That I'd watch.

  • That mix is socially responsible af. grooves

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