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Forum Rules

edited October 2017 in General

Here are some guidelines for forum usage. I'm sure these will change over time, but the creators of the forum find these rules to be pretty important.

  • Don't be too much of a dick
  • This forum is not intended purely for discussion of Lando Calrissian
  • If your first name is Conelly or Roman you are not allowed to register or look at the forum
  • Your real name doesn't need to be used on the forum but the rule above this one still holds true. It's more of an honor code type of thing
  • Don't post any nudie pics or that sort of stuff
  • If for some reason you decide to post a meme (pronounced MEH-MEH) it has to be good or it'll be removed by mods


  • Yeah and one more thing: any forum member that uses the term "SWIM" when discussing drugs will be banned.

  • I second that Mr Haynes.

    Unless you killed someone please refrain from using "SWIM"

  • If you killed someone say Wendy did it.


  • Woah! Lando is actually on this forum!

  • Example of someone being too much of a dick

  • edited October 2017

    For those of you having trouble seeing thebeagle's picture, this may help clarify.

    Wendy deserves this public shaming, and I hope it's only the beginning.

  • This isn't the first forum Wendy has been banned from.

    Surprisingly, she is somewhat known in Chud Instigation circles for her studies on Chud Preparedness. She was banned from a few years ago for trying to start a Chud Instigator Riot Squad for the upcoming Chud 4 release. Luckily some awesome mods like Gibby stepped in and stopped Wendy's madness

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